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A Little About Us

How we can help you

We are a dispatch company with deep roots in the trucking industry for over 30 years. The owner, Johnny Thompson, started out in the trucking industry as a third generation driver. He has worked as a driver, owner operator, carrier owner/manager, and broker. Johnny started his career driving in 1986 moving fright with a box truck from Oklahoma City to Dallas. He then started working as a driver and sales person in 2006 in the oilfield industry operating a hotshot company in Oklahoma City. He then formed Savanna Trucking LLC as a carrier for over the road flatbed and stepdeck freight in 2007. Johnny started Blue Dog Dispatch to help use his experience to help other independent drivers and small companies be more successful in their endeavors.  He and his team save time and get the best rates for trucking carriers.  We focus on you and your concerns. We help you when you need it, from answering questions about your authority to helping find a place to sleep.   We use our shipping contacts to help you get the best rates and help you develop the freight lanes which you choose to travel. 




Hi I'm Johnny Thompson!  I live in Choctaw, OK with my wife De Anna Thompson (she's been my boss since 1990 😂).  My dog Elly is my pride and joy now that my two children Austin and Madison are grown.  I've always been a very hard worker with an entrepreneural spirit.  I began my professional career in 1990 with The Daily Oklahoma in the circulation department. The first business I owned was Spectrum Flooring Inc. where we handled large commercial flooring projects like the Cox Center in downtown OKC.  I owned and managed Savanna Trucking beginning in 2007 as a carrier and had around 15 drivers when I sold it.  After I sold Savanna Trucking De Anna and I formed Blue Dog Dispatch LLC with the intention of helping owner operators and small companies realize their dreams by helping with dispatch services to create the most profitable freight lanes.  De Anna and I love working with and supporting drivers and truck owners.  We have learned the hard lessons of what it takes to run a sucessful business and want to pass that knowledge on to others, from all of the pesky regulations to just finding a great bite to eat out on the road.  I will always answer my phone and get you the help you need. I always go the extra mile to help drivers, owner operators and their customers. 


A Note from the owner...

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