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Hauling Live Honey Bees

Did you know?

Have you ever thought about hauling bees? 

Did you know those loads pay better than general freight?

Apiaries move their hives to areas for pollenation in areas that need them.

We specialize in hauling bees.  Check out this page for more info.

What you should know

Bees will be loaded on the truck in the early morning or evening.  The apiaries (beekeepers) will load the hives for you.  Bees do sting you,  so you will need to learn to work and move around live bees.  Hauling bees takes time management and planning truck routes & fuel locations.  You'll need to plan your stopping areas, some truck stops do not allow bee haulers.


You will need a flatbed or stepdeck trailer.

  • Bee Tarps/Nets

  • Bee Suit

  • 2x6 Lumber

  • 2 sets of V Boards

  • 10 to 14  - 4" Straps

  • 4  - 2" Straps

  • Water hose

  • See links below to purchase Equipment

Bee Season

Time to move honey bees is typically January thru June then again September thru November.  These months are typically a bit cooler than other months and not necessarily freezing.

You've got to MOVE!

The bees are considered livestock.  They must be moved during the daylight hours.  Live bees will begin to die once they are loaded so you cannot stop except for a quick bathroom break or to grab a bite to eat.  You need to get to your destination as quickly as possible.  You are ELD exempt and exempt from 30 minute breaks.  We can give you more details on this.

Bee Regions

North Dakota is the #1 state for bee hives.  They typically move to California or Texas and some to Florida.

The top states for moving bees are

North Dakota - South Dakota

California -Florida - Texas

Ohio - New York - Pennsylvania

Bee Keeper

How to Purchase Bee Supplies

Here are just a few links to help you find equipment to haul bees


Bee Tarps/Nets


Bee Suits/Gloves & more

TRS Industries.png

Bee Tarps/Nets

Commercial Bee Supply.png

Suits & more

Learn about our Dispatch Service

My name is Johnny Thompson

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I am the owner of Blue Dog Dispatch.  I would love to speak to you more about hauling bees and other services we provide.  Contact me below and I will personally get back to you within 24 hours and see how we can work together.

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